Paz Stammler is an international fashion and beauty photographer – raised in upper Austria.
He shoots for magazines, labels, designers and agencys in London and Europe.


My passion for photography is creating art that inspires people. – Paz Stammler

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how it began..

His passion for photography and arts like showdance developed in his childhood.
After finishing school he started working as a professional dancer & choreographer for music videos, danceshows and artists.

Paz started with professional photography in 2011 and founded his own business. Soon he shot his first beauty portrait for Vogue Italia (photovogue) and his first cover story for an austrian fashion magazine.

He focused on fashion and beauty productions and shot advertising campaigns for clients like Casa Moda, Rettl 1868 or London Rebel.

Paz and Cory moved to London where they are additionally based now. They travel between London, Barcelona, Austria and across Europe available for fashion & beauty editorials, magazine covershoots, lookbooks and advertising campaigns.

He worked for magazines like GQ Germany, Vogue Italia, L’Officiel Ukraine, L’Officiel Hommes, Peplvm, DIVA, L’Officiel Suisse, Vanity Teen, Schön!, Kaltblut Magazine, Fantastics, Attitude Magazine and many more.

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“Paz Stammler” – high quality and creative photo productions with a special addiction to high-fashion.